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deviate - dv8.

Founded and created by two Counter Strike: Source veterans, who have played the game since early 2005. After taking a recent sabbatical, sQuiD and grillzeE's interest for Source has returned after time studying at college etc. and is now burning once more. Due to it only being two people upon startup grillzeE and sQuiD will enter 2on2 leagues across various ladders such as UNGL, ESL etc. and hope to make it within the Top 20 of the first 3 months of them playing. Once we feel we have a good standard of players who can contribute towards ladder success in a 5v5 league we will enter the previously stated leagues and compete in these.

However, Counter Strike: Source is not the only game we want to feature in. We have preperations in the future to compete in games such as CS:GO, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, CoD4 and DoTA 2 making us a prominent clan in the gaming industry.


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